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LogMiner is a powerful log analysis package for Apache and IIS (or other web servers using the combined or Extended W3C log formats). It can extract and present several reports, about visits, hits, traffic, requests, navigation paths, browsers and OS's used by users and so on.

Data is stored in a PostgreSQL database, using a schema which has been optimized to reduce redundancy at minimum.

LogMiner has been inspired by the popular Webalizer package, but it differs in certain core points:

Depending on your needs, you might prefer LogMiner over Webalizer, especially if you like having a central SQL repository for your data which enables you to extract the data you need at any time, or to add a kind of report which wasn't planned from the start and apply it to older data.

If you don't have a PostgreSQL database or you expect to process huge log files in seconds, go for Webalizer.